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2 months

Posted by Kory Kekoa Aldous on Saturday, July 9, 2011 , under | comments (0)

ago was my last post. haha. i've slacked on writing in my blog. and that will continue. i'll keep it short.

what goes around, comes back around :)


Posted by Kory Kekoa Aldous on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 , under | comments (1)

Have you ever noticed a difference in going grocery shopping when you are stuffed versus being hungry?

Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's because when I shop I don't have a list, I just show up and look and buy whatever.

I went to Winco a few weeks ago to pick up some groceries. I only needed a few things such as bread, lunch meat, and candy.

I left with that, and much much more. Why and how this happened I have no idea...

One huge tub of macaroni salad?! Really Kory?? I thought it looked so good and I would eat it all. Two weeks later and I have eaten out of it once and it still looked like it hadn't been opened. Gross.

Two bags of croutons. WHAT?! No salad, just two bags of croutons. While there they looked so good and I convinced myself I would eat them. Two weeks later the first bag is only half empty and I haven't even touched the second bag.

I'm not even gonna tell you the other ridiculous stuff I bought that day. Does this happen to anyone else or is it just me? I'm so confused and curious to know why I buy the most random nonsense stuff when I go grocery shopping while hungry.

To top that off, last week I went to the grocery store with a friend after we just got done playing for the night. I was super thirsty but already had 4 different drinks back at home, so I didn't need anything. Yet my thirst at the time once again took over my thoughts and while there I bought a root beer and a bottle of Martinelli Sparkling Juice.

I opened it that night, had a few drinks, and haven't touched it for the last 4 days.

Seriously what's wrong with me?

Falling Stars.

Posted by Kory Kekoa Aldous on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 , under | comments (0)

random things on my mind recently that...

I like:

* golf

* guns

* cotton candy

* working out

* the show 'River Monsters'

I hate:

* bad haircuts (this is what my hair looks like after today)

* dentist office

* drawing blood samples

* gas prices

* rain (it's throwing off my golf game haha)


Posted by Kory Kekoa Aldous on , under | comments (0)

This has nothing to do with whom or where I stand. Just found this image to be interesting is all.

New beginnings.

Posted by Kory Kekoa Aldous on Monday, April 25, 2011 , under | comments (1)

Winter semester at BYU has come to a close.

The cold dreadful weather is slowly changing to the best time of the year-- SUMMER.

Things are changing in my life as well.

Said goodbye to my second job. Just too time consuming. Now I can focus more on my classes and my regular other job.

I'll be here in Provo for the summer taking more classes at BYU.

Got rid of the Maz. Say hello to the new ride--yes, it's a MINI Cooper S 2007. Got a great deal from a private auction through a buddy. Here's a few pics for my ma who wanted to see it. All I have left on it is to get some new rims. But the car is dope, great handling, way fast too.

Got my pass of all passes!! Unlimited visits to Seven Peaks and Trafalga!! Yes that is right, unlimited! Lots of waterpark visits, mini-golfing, laser tag, batting cages, etc. all summer long.

Also got a golf pass to Sleepy Ridge. Lots of golfing after my morning classes and before heading over to the waterpark daily.

Playing tons of sports--basketball, football, soccer, softball, etc.

A few trips planned already for this summer-- Zion. Vegas. Cali. Texas. Havasupai.

Hopefully more trips as well-- Lake Powell, Arizona, maybe Virginia.

I couldn't be more excited for this summer. Last summer was lots of fun for sure. But no way is it gonna compare to the 4 months that lie ahead...

The Maz.

Posted by Kory Kekoa Aldous on , under | comments (0)

My 2000 Mazda 626.

She was amazing.

I didn't realize how hard it would be to let go of that car. The Maz, as we call it, just never died. It sounded like it wanted to, haha, but never failed me. It just kept going and going, close to 180k miles.

I've had that car since my junior year in 2004. 7 years worth of good times.

Seriously, that car has been everywhere imagined and served me so diligently.

But it's finally time to move on. I got a new car. I'll write up a post about that next. As for this blog post, it will serve as memory and dedication to the great Maz, ol' faithful.

Let's recap some of the fun and crazy times that car has been through as we take a look down memory lane:

  • Installing a CD player in it when I first got it with my buddy Ryan Guilick.
  • Driving up and down the East Coast.
  • Crazy parties my senior year with random people with myself in the back seat haha.
  • Had a terrible night, hit a deer with it, then stopped and reversed the Maz to run it over again.
  • Driving cross country with Kyle and Kailynn from Virginia to Utah, almost dying numerous times with the insane thunderstorms.
  • Lots of nights watching scary movies in the backseat on my laptop my freshman year with Amber.
  • Running over medians, slamming brakes, saving donuts from flying everywhere, great use of e-brake in snowstorms--all more freshman year memories.
  • Driving from Utah to Colorado in crazy snowstorm. Spent an entire night in backseat of my Maz by myself, curled up in a ball wearing 5 t-shirts and 4 shorts and all my socks to attempt to keep warm on side of highway in Wyoming.
  • Summer selling with the Maz in 2005. Getting 3 tickets that summer. Once for going 103MPH and had to get out of car and have it searched.
  • Then I left on my mission. 2 years without my Maz. Who knows what happened in that car and in the backseat with Kyle driving it around.
  • Lots more memories coming back home from the mission and driving my Maz again.
  • Lots of stuff stolen out of it--LOTS of money, ipod, radar detector, etc...
  • More great stories in the backseat that I won't divulge all the info on.
  • Lots more crazy trips to Vegas, Cali, and Arizona.
  • Let Kourtney use it for a summer. Not sure again what happened in the backseat and don't want to ask.
  • Never got the true story from her either as to why there is a huge dent on the roof!
  • And she made my cupholders so nasty gross with whatever she left in there that melted and is still there haha.
The memories continue on and on. What great times from the Mazda. All the way to my last memory of fitting of this to happen as well. The night before turning it over to my buddy to sell it for me, I'm leaving a house down by BYU at about 3 in the morning, and proceed to hit my back tire in one of the dreadful gutters down there, ripping it and whatever else apart.

Seriously, hours before I'm turning it in. What bad luck! But I can't complain. Gotta just fix it and think back to all the good times the Mazda provided me with, and enjoy the fact that it never died on me.

To the Maz, hundreds, no, thousands of people thank you....


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Have you ever gone into a test thinking you were going to do good, but turns out you completely bomb it?

I'm sure that has happened to everyone.

Let me give you a funny example of how I treat finals here at BYU. My freshman year I took Physical Science. I had an A in the class overall with just the final left to score. I went in without studying and just wanted to hurry and take the final so I could be done with school.

It was 100 multiple choice question test. I went through each question and answered each one that I knew I was right 100%. That only ended up being 9 question haha. So for the other 91 questions, what would you have done? I went with the old trick: "If in doubt, just mark 'C'."

Just so you know this is the only time I have ever done this. I'm not sure what I was thinking, well apparently I wasn't. I was just a stupid freshman. I put 'C' down for the remaining 91 questions and left the testing center in a matter of I think 14 minutes haha. Got a 33% on the final and finished with a C+ in the class. Still upset at the lack of answers that were not 'C'!Let's fast forward 6 years to now...

My classes this semester went great. I was focused on spending all my time working two jobs that I missed a lot of class and still managed A's and B's haha. How I did it I don't know, I'm just that awesome.

Even more awesome, was when finals came around the corner. Last week I finished my finals for the winter semester with quite a bang.

I didn't study too much for finals, which prolly was the main reason for a few of the low scores. In my Biology class, I had an A- overall before I went to take the final.

I studied a little bit, but not as much as I should have apparently. 50 multiple choice questions. I flew through the test, but difference was this time I thought I did pretty decent, maybe like an 80% is what I thought I was gonna get.

After finishing and turning it in I look at the screen. Paused. I had to look a second time. And a third time. Even a fourth time to make sure that was the correct posted score.

40%. 20 out of 50 questions correct. Wow. I continue to surprise myself everyday.


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